Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am so terrible at this blogging thing. I am great and stalking everyone elses blogs but when it comes to my own I get overwhelmed with how much I have to catch up. I won't be posting any pictures on this blog, although my new goal is to get those up within this next week and then to stay consistent so I have the memories of Aspyn written down more.

Aspyn is now 1 and I can't believe how fast that snuck up on us. She is a walking talking machine. She is into EVERYTHING and now that we have moved we have a lot more space for her to explore and get into. She is so sassy and is not afraid to tell you how it is. She loves to have someone read her books, sing songs, eat anything you have, dance and march around, play with her toys and color. She is so good at blowing kisses, giving hugs, climbing and she is especially good at always putting a smile on my face. She is so smart, to smart for her own good and it amazes me at how much she pays attention to what everyone around her is doing. She picks up on things so easily and is always copying mommy and all the big kids at work.
Aspyn has learned the meaning of NO very quickly and I often feel bad listening to how many times a day she is told no no don't touch or no no don't grab that.... She has learned to say No and when she is not in the mood for something she will say it and let ya know. This is when her sassy side comes in so for anyone who has heard No! from Aspyn I apologize in advance!

I don't get to see a lot of him and it has been really hard to get over that. He is always working, going to school, studying for school, doing some side job, preparing for his church calling,and trying to keep up with aspyn and I. He amazes me with how much he has on his plate and yet still manages to always be happy. He is working so hard and I appreciate it so much.

I am just a busy mom. I work at Lifetime in the CC still, which is such a blessing with Aspyn, and I also teach dance a few nights a week. When I am not working I am giving my complete attention to Aspyn and every now and then to our new place. I am trying to be more proactive lateley and start taking action on all the things I keep saying in my mind that i want to be better at. My goals this year are to be more organized and stay on top of documenting things we do, eat more healthy and be more concious of spending money on eating out, try to be more crafty, and just continue to try to be the best mom for Aspyn.

So we moved in to our new home in January and are still getting settled. We love the new ward and have been able to meet a few people who also have kids Aspyns age which is so nice. We love our new place and are so blessed to be where we are. It is absolutely beautiful and so big. I am kind of regretting asking for a bigger space because it is a lot more upkeep and Aspyn is constantly tearing it apart but I am so grateful we found this.

Aspyn is now awake so my free time is up but this is to be continued with pictures!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Family-October 2010
Aspyn 9 months old!

A New Start
So for almost a year now Tony and I have been trying to find a place big enough for our new little family because right now we are in a one bedroom basement apartment and things are CRAMPED! Aspyn sleeps in our family room and with her growing amount of toys and such things it has made life a little difficult. It has been such an emotional journey to be patient when it came to having enough money and jobs and finding a location close to our jobs but still what was afordable. One place after another passed by and i know this sounds so silly to be so emotional about this but it has been such a challenge for me and has really tested my patience and tought me to be grateful. I learned more than once to take a step back and be grateful to even have a beautiful home. Our neighbors and everyone in our ward are AMAZING and have been so welcoming to us and have loved Aspyn to pieces and that has meant so much, yet i would look at all these people and be so envious and angry that they had established homes and it always came back to teach me that this is life and this is the time in life we get to enjoy the simple things, the small rent, going to school and just being young. Tony and I would get in little arguments numerous times about the frustration of being cramped and every talk we had just made me love him that much more and understand him and marriage that much more. Well on with my dramatic story, needless to say the opportunity has arose for us to move on to another basement apartment but this one is three bedrooms, so much extra space and it's also a walkout basement so i can actually let some natural light into our house and i can't wait! We will be moving in the first of December and another great thing is it is just by the Oquirrh Mountain temple so we stay in the area we, well mostly I, wanted to be in! I am so grateful for this journey and all ready looking back it was such a short amount of time to be cramped and we are so fortunate to have had this place for so long!

Some updates on Aspyn. She went to her 9 month check up in October and is pretty average on her height but has a Huge Head and weighs a litte below average! She is constantly doing new things and has mastered her crawling abilities, walks along the couch now and can say so many words.... Ba ba (bottle) Baby, Uh-Oh, Whoa, gog(dog), and is constantly trying to mimick Tony and I if at all possible. She is such a picky eater and almost always sucks the flavor off the food then i find it underneath the table when it's time to clean up. She LOVES stuffed animals...anytime she has one in her arms she is giving it loves and rocking it with a big smile on her face. She had a great halloween and dressed up as an adorable pumpkin Fairy! I love her so much and enjoy watching her enthusiasm for life and her new adventures each day!
As for Tony and I, I am lugging aspyn around, working in the child center at lifetime fitness and teaching dance. Tony is going to school preparing to apply to pharmacy school, working w/ his brothers as an electrition and finishing our soon to be new home! We are crazy busy but so happy and having fun!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A New Start

These are pics we took in August. Aspyn was seven months old in these

So I have made myself a goal to get into the habbit of faithfully keeping up my blog so i can have a journal of Aspyn and her growth! She is eight months old now so i have missed out on so many things that i should've had written down.. Shame on me!

Some fun facts about Aspyn:

1. She is sitting and standing up (holding on to something) all on her own now

2. She is so close to crawling and is constantly trying to figure out how it all works.

3. She loves FOOD. She can spot food a mile away and when she see's it she bounces up and down saying mmmmm mmmm!

4. She says Momma, Dadda and bye

5.She will wave bye bye and sometimes wave when you say hi..so adorable!

6. She is a Mommy's girl and is always keeping tabs on where I am and letting me know it should be holding her.

7. She weighs almost sixteen pounds...tiny little thing but long and tall

8. She loves attention and keeps Mom and Dad on their toes at all times.

9. She loves showers with Dad

10. She loves her tongue and you can often find her twirling it around

11. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba... So funny to see her pay attention to something for as long as she does. And if anyone has ever watched that show knows that those songs NEVER leave your mind!

12. Her favorite animal is a dog and loves to be outside watching them.

13. Too much sun makes her go to sleep no matter what she is doing.

Things she doesn't like:

1. Getting her bumb changed

2. Getting her hair done... but she must get used to it because Mommy can't stand to not have her hair done.

3. Shoes.. She will learn as she gets older how important shoes are to a girl though no worries

4. The infant room at mom's work.

5.Getting dressed

6. her car seat

7. Playing by herself

8. facial hair

9. being contained in one spot for longer than five minutes

10. Ketchup, pickles, strawberries and most of her baby food

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So it's taken me a while...

I am giving myself the title for worst blogger ever...I know of a few people who would second that! I don't have any good pics yet to post as of lately but i am working on that i promise! Our life has been pretty busy preparing and getting ready for Aspyn! I am six months along now and people finally feel they can ask me how far along i am instead of just thinking i am getting really fat! I have had such an easy pregnancy so far and it has been amazing to see the changes that take place and what our bodies are capable of! My favorite time of the day is when i get the chance to lay down and feel her kick and watch my belly do the wave from one side to the other! She is so shy though and whenever i try to show someone else or let them feel she stops whatever she is doing and in return just makes me look really dumb for bothering them! Tony luckily gets to catch a few movements each night but he is about the only one! We are on the count down, only three months left and lots of that time will be spent celebrating the holidays so i am hoping it all goes by pretty fast!

Tony is just working hard and taking night classes so that by the end of this semester he will have his associates. Then he will need to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. As for me i am sticking to working in the child center for now and hoping to go back to hair school in a year...when cross your fingers.... I won't have to work or at least full time that is! We continue to live in our basement apartment for now and hope to someday soon move into a townhome or condo with an extra room for Aspyn!

That is a quick update, i am getting some pics emailed soon to show you my extreme weight gain that you all want to see i just know it!