Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am so terrible at this blogging thing. I am great and stalking everyone elses blogs but when it comes to my own I get overwhelmed with how much I have to catch up. I won't be posting any pictures on this blog, although my new goal is to get those up within this next week and then to stay consistent so I have the memories of Aspyn written down more.

Aspyn is now 1 and I can't believe how fast that snuck up on us. She is a walking talking machine. She is into EVERYTHING and now that we have moved we have a lot more space for her to explore and get into. She is so sassy and is not afraid to tell you how it is. She loves to have someone read her books, sing songs, eat anything you have, dance and march around, play with her toys and color. She is so good at blowing kisses, giving hugs, climbing and she is especially good at always putting a smile on my face. She is so smart, to smart for her own good and it amazes me at how much she pays attention to what everyone around her is doing. She picks up on things so easily and is always copying mommy and all the big kids at work.
Aspyn has learned the meaning of NO very quickly and I often feel bad listening to how many times a day she is told no no don't touch or no no don't grab that.... She has learned to say No and when she is not in the mood for something she will say it and let ya know. This is when her sassy side comes in so for anyone who has heard No! from Aspyn I apologize in advance!

I don't get to see a lot of him and it has been really hard to get over that. He is always working, going to school, studying for school, doing some side job, preparing for his church calling,and trying to keep up with aspyn and I. He amazes me with how much he has on his plate and yet still manages to always be happy. He is working so hard and I appreciate it so much.

I am just a busy mom. I work at Lifetime in the CC still, which is such a blessing with Aspyn, and I also teach dance a few nights a week. When I am not working I am giving my complete attention to Aspyn and every now and then to our new place. I am trying to be more proactive lateley and start taking action on all the things I keep saying in my mind that i want to be better at. My goals this year are to be more organized and stay on top of documenting things we do, eat more healthy and be more concious of spending money on eating out, try to be more crafty, and just continue to try to be the best mom for Aspyn.

So we moved in to our new home in January and are still getting settled. We love the new ward and have been able to meet a few people who also have kids Aspyns age which is so nice. We love our new place and are so blessed to be where we are. It is absolutely beautiful and so big. I am kind of regretting asking for a bigger space because it is a lot more upkeep and Aspyn is constantly tearing it apart but I am so grateful we found this.

Aspyn is now awake so my free time is up but this is to be continued with pictures!!


  1. Yay!! So happy that you finally updated your blog!

  2. So happy to hear an update! Aspyn sounds so darling! I know it's probably not as fun for mommy when she's saying "NO" but for everyone else it's probably the cutest thing ever - because honestly there's nothing cuter than a little girl with sass - especially when she looks are darling as Aspyn!

    It's sounds like you and Tony are staying VERY busy but I'm so happy to hear you're making it work. It's funny how life takes some adjusting to sometimes but we just do the best we can and keep going! I love that you still dance - way to go girl! That's something I definitely miss :)

    Glad you're liking your new ward! Good for you for staying so focused on all your goals! It sounds like you are one great mommy!